Free yourself and enjoy your life path!

You are a woman

You experienced a psychological trauma or an inner wound

free yourself and enjoy your life path,

This psychological trauma or inner wound dates back to early childhood or is more recent.

For example, you may have felt rejected, abused or humiliated, failed to grieve for a loved one, or to recover from a miscarriage or abortion.

Or maybe you’re currently caught up in an emotional dependency from which you’re finding it extremely difficult to overcome.

Sometimes you catch yourself thinking:

  • I’ll never be able to free myself from this psychological trauma or inner wound

  • I’m not enjoying my own life

  • I can’t let go of him/her

  • I can’t take it anymore

In the end, you feel powerless all the time and this never ends up to make you anxious.

free yourself and enjoy your life path;
psychological trauma

You have probably tried several solutions to get out of it like :

  • clairvoyance

  • follow-up by a psychologist or psychotherapist

  • hypnosis

  • EMDR

  • NLP

  • acupuncture

What’s at stake if you don’t act right now is that, at the slightest opportunity that recalls your psychological trauma or inner wound, it will reactivate and threaten your physical health as well as your mental balance.

You run the risk of falling victim to one or more of the following scenarios:

  • finding yourself trapped in a love relationship that drains you of your substance and gradually takes away the strength to end it;

  • being drained of energy by past suffering that you can no longer put an end to;

  • miss out on your life and never feel fulfilled or happy in life;

  • see your frustration turn into chronic fatigue or even chronic depression.

That’s why I’m proposing a new and innovative approach to help you experience a full and lasting liberation.

My method is in fact to go beyond the 3 dimensions psyche, emotions, body, to find and then tear off the root of your psychological trauma or inner wound at the very level where it lies.

There are 3 main steps:

  • Step 1: session

  • Step 2: follow-up for 21 days after the session
  • Step 3: taking stock

My name is Mirddhyn

I am an enlightener of life paths and a channeler

I help women to free themselves once and for all from everything that keeps them from living fully who they are and becoming their life path.

Having been through it myself, I understand how difficult it is to avoid being swallowed up by anxiety and that despair of never overcoming psychological trauma.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping my clients to free themselves from their psychological traumas and find their life paths.

Today, I have made this my expertise, helping them to free themselves in order to express their full potential.

Take a look at what they say!

"Unbelievable but true!"


Ah… unbelievable but true

Thank you so much, you have changed my life, Mirddhyn.

I am delighted to have had you in consultation you are really very effective in your practices, it’s just amazing.

You healed my inner child and purified my past.

To tell the truth, I didn’t believe in these practices, I would never have believed in my entire life that such a liberating experience for me was possible.

Mirddhyn has an incredible gift, real and purifying.

The session took place with total respect, and the results were visible the same day. I do not regret having contacted him, at first it was just to try but I came out soothed, purified, enlightened and healed.

Thank you so much for your liberating experience Mirddhyn

Zena témoigne




Mirddhyn, you demonstrate great human qualities in guiding us on our life path.

Each time, it’s a breath of fresh air that helps us to move forward more serenely, even in front of life’s difficulties.

Your approach makes our personal work smoother and faster. Then it’s up to each of us to master our own ship by following the advice we’ve received!

Many thanks Mirddhyn!

Sandrine témoigne


You are not alone,

You've come to the right place!

There’s no fatality: you can get out of the situation you’ve been trapped in for too long today.

You’re probably ONE decision away from changing your life!

During a free, no-obligation call, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions in a transparent way.

I’ll explain in detail how I can help you step by step to free yourself completely and permanently from everything that’s preventing you from being yourself.

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